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Sustainability Policy

At Graysons Properties, we are dedicated to conducting our operations in a responsible and sustainable manner. Sustainability is at the core of our business philosophy, and we continuously strive to reduce our environmental impact.

Sustainability Policy

1. Sustainable Building Technologies

    1. Smart Control Thermostats: We have invested in KNX smart control thermostats in some of our properties to optimize heating and cooling systems, ensuring that energy is used efficiently and minimizing wastage.
    2. Sensor Lights: Censored LED lights have been installed in our facilities to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. These lights automatically adjust based on occupancy, ensuring that lights are only on when needed.
    3. Radiator Timers: Most of our radiator are efficient with timers to regulate heating, promoting energy savings by reducing heating when spaces are unoccupied or at lower demand periods.
    4. Double-Glazed Windows: Where possible, we have installed double-glazed windows to enhance insulation, improve energy efficiency, and reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling.
    5. Energy-Saving Bulbs: We have replaced traditional lighting with energy-saving bulbs throughout our premises to minimize electricity consumption while maintaining quality lighting.


2. Sustainability Goals

    1. Energy Efficiency: Our aim is to continually enhance energy efficiency. We strive to reduce our energy consumption by 20% over the next 3 years.
    2. Carbon Footprint Reduction: By implementing various sustainable technologies and practices, we are committed to first measuring, then reducing our carbon emissions.


3. Employee Engagement

    1. Sustainability Education: We believe that educating our employees is essential for fostering a sustainability mindset. We will provide training and information on our sustainability initiatives, including the benefits of smart control thermostats, sensor lights, and other technologies.
    2. Sustainability Feedback: We encourage employees to actively participate in our sustainability efforts and provide feedback, suggestions, and ideas for further improving our sustainability practices.


4. Compliance and Regulations

    1. Legal Compliance: We are dedicated to complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations concerning energy efficiency, lighting, and sustainability.


5. Monitoring and Reporting

    1. Regular Monitoring: We will consistently monitor our energy usage and the performance of our sustainable technologies to ensure we meet our sustainability objectives.
    2. Annual Reporting: An annual sustainability report will be prepared and shared with stakeholders, providing transparency on our progress toward our sustainability goals.


6. Continuous Improvement

    1. Innovation: We remain open to adopting new technologies and innovative methods to continuously improve our sustainability efforts. Our current initiatives are part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability.


Graysons Properties remains steadfast in its commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Our dedication to implementing sustainable building technologies is a testament to our ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental impact. We will continue to explore new opportunities and innovations to further advance our sustainability initiatives, building a more eco-friendly and energy-efficient future.


This sustainability policy will be regularly reviewed and updated as necessary to align with our evolving sustainability goals.