We are aware that as students you are currently looking for your student flats for your next Academic year. The Graysons Properties team would like to help you with some useful tips, which you can refer to when looking for your home for next year.

It is very important to be aware that it is not just the weekly price that you pay for your student accommodation that matters! Your desired student accommodation not only needs to be competitively priced but also deliver good standards of living.

At Graysons Properties we believe in providing all our tenants with excellent properties at competitive prices.

It’s worth taking your time to search the property and make sure everything is at a high standard. You might feel pressure to secure a house; but it pays off to be thorough when viewing the property.
Here is a list of essential questions worth asking when visiting a student property.

Safety and Security Features

  1. Does the property meet the desired Fire Safety Standards? Is there a Mains Linked Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguishers and Blankets? Does the Landlord possess a Fire Safety Certificate?
  2. Does the property gas boiler required a gas safety record which has been carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer? Check that the landlord possesses one.
  3. Properties with gas boilers require carbon monoxide detectors. Check that they are present and work?
  4. Is there a burglar alarm for the property? Is there any other forms of security in the property such as CCTV camera?
  5. Are there any signs of exposed electrical wiring such as loose wires, faulty plugs or lights?
  6. Are there suitable locks on the exterior doors of the property? What sort of lock system does the property and bedroom have? Master lock systems have restricted keys which are more secure as they can not be copied.
  7. Where do you report a emergency? Does the landlord have an emergency line?
  8. How do you report maintenance issues?

Internal Features

  1. Are there signs of mould or damp?
  2. Is the property properly insulated? (Double glazing)
  3. Are there locks on the bedroom doors?
  4. Do the kitchen appliances and white goods work properly? (Fridges, Washing Machine)
  5. Is there any mould around the windows?

Graysons Properties student accommodation (Sunderland & Newcastle)

If you become a tenant of Graysons Properties you can be reassured that we provide accommodation with our Tenant Safety and Comfort in mind. All our Properties:

  1. Meet Fire Safety and Electrical Safety Regulations. The Fire safety equipment is regularly maintained and tested. All certificates are available on Request. All our Properties have had Fire Risk Assessments undertaken
  2. All our properties with Gas Boilers have up to date CP12 and working Carbon Monoxide detectors
  3. All properties have double glazing
  4. For your security we have a combination of burglar alarms and CCTV cameras. We provide a 24/7 Emergency line for all our tenants
  5. All our properties either have master keys or key card systems. This means that no keys to our properties can be copied without our authorisation
  6. We have our very own dedicated property App for all our properties where all our tenants can report any issues they are experiencing
  7. All our properties have yearly maintenance plans to ensure that the standards of our properties remain amongst some of the best in the lettings industry